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These are members of Gateway College of Evangelism Choir.
Gateway College is located in Florissant, Missouri, and is a recognized UPCI Bible College.


These videos portray the way Pentecostals worship. We believe that we have the liberty to worship God with our voices and our musical abilities. The Bible says, "I will bless the Lord at all times, His praise shall continually be in my mouth." Psalm 34:1



    While the Word of God is timeless, the revelation of salvation in Jesus' name (Acts 2:38 -- Repentance, baptism in Jesus' name and the infilling of the Holy Ghost) was not revealed to a majority Christians in America until the early 1900s.

    We do not claim that the salvation message began with the Pentecostal Movement, but rather that this was the time period in which America began to experience the many things that were recorded in the New Testament--things the disciples of Jesus experienced!

    The mainstream Pentecostal movement began--or was at least first recognized and recorded--at the Azusa Street Revival in Los Angeles, California in 1906. During those climactic meetings many Americans received the Holy Ghost as evidenced by speaking with other tongues.

    These types of services brought widespread criticism; but they also brought many curious souls looking for an answer. The Bible reveals that many of Jesus' own disciples were criticized for following Jesus as well. Living for God may not always be easy, but it is always right.

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